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$10 Automotive Photography Package (PER CAR, SEDANS ONLY ) includes 30-100 jpeg format pictures taken. Same Day Delivery. VIN, Miles, Interior, Exterior, Trunk Pictures taken.                                

$15 Automotive Photography Package (PER CAR, TRUCKS/SUVS ONLY ) includes 30-100 jpeg format pictures taken. Same Day Delivery. VIN, Miles, Interior, Exterior, Trunk Pictures taken         

$20 Automotive Photography Package (PER CAR) includes 30-100 jpeg format pictures taken, website uploading with price entry, and Vehicle description. Same Day Delivery  PLUS S.E.O. Keyword Optimization. 


As a New & Used Dealer, Why Should You Use Our Automotive Photography, Videography and Marketing Services? 

Here at Ninja Shooter, we understand that having the right picture with the right description and price. The vehicle can be sold at first sight. Most would call it, "Love at first sight." Visual Marketing is the most important tool to your dealership success in generating more revenue; an other words. "Sell More Cars, Make More Money."  The way the new and used car buying process is done now a days. It is all online. It is vital that you have the right images and description to showcase the vehicle authenticity.

Why Use Ninja Shooter when I can take the pictures off my cell phone?

Great question, well I tell you this you pay for what you get. As a buyer when you looking to purchase your next or first car. You want to feel proud knowing that the vehicle you select is the coolest, affordable and most importantly what you want. Buyer want to see great pictures which will help make there buying process easier. Why not sell every customer on the first click of your vehicle? If it's not the clearest image to best represent that vehicle than you already lost the first battle which is having that potential buyer click on that ad. The human brain attention span is about 10 seconds. Now within that time frame. If they don't get a OOOOH or  AWEEEE then you just lost out on making a sell. Sad but true, the reality is. Sales will never generate if you don't have the right marketing to best represent your product. Example: Say you want to purchase a puppy for your kid or yourself. You saw a real cute puppy that you wanted but the pictures seemed sketchy and the description looked scam-ish. After searching you finally found this picture of the really cute puppy that had a lot of photos, price wise just a little over your budget but the puppy seemed to be well kept and trained based on the description of the puppy the had the website. Majority of people will rather go with the certainty the uncertainty and it's that simple. 

How soon will I start seeing results from the services?

I'm glad you ask. As soon as possible. Everything depends package you select. Each service comes with our keyword SEO optimization. We specialize in getting your product noticed. The more people hear about it. The more it will trend and so will your dealership. In summary the more people that can inquiry and visit the dealership for a test drive the more likely you will get it sold. We aim for longevity in re-occurring clients. We find your niche as a dealer and market that in keywords to help the right buyers find your vehicles and utilize your referral program to improve it and generate more revenue.

About Ninja Shooter? 

Our founder & chief executive officer, Judah Israel Jensen. Has over 4 years experience total in the automotive industry.Working for New dealership and used dealerships in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Central Florida. Starting in the automotive industry at the early age of 18. He begin to start selling cars quickly and dominated at the time most popular used car buying site (Craigslist in that region) Learning SEO Optimization. He was quickly promoted as marketing director; where he managed the social media accounts and also dealt with the marketing for each vehicle. After being a marketing director for a couple dealership, he began to start being a F&I working with different lenders such as Credit Acceptance, West Lake Financial and more to close automotive deals. He also controlled the visual marketing and business development of the dealerships to help organize and develop a solid structure to allow the dealership to function properly. Later, deciding he wanted to pursue his passion of film, photography, acting and music. Judah became a published model later picking up the camera and working with major celebrities and brands. His gift for having an eye opened up the door for his acting and music. Later being featured in different TV Shows such as VH1 Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. and more! Not including his work being featured on different major brands. He learned and developed a niche in the car industry to help dealers generate more profit and have less of the responsibility by outsourcing the work for more then fair price and less then cost of having a full time production or some salesman to take the picture who has no idea in product knowledge and showcasing certain features and angles that will sell that vehicle fast!

First thing you need to know. Attention is everything! Our photography editing service brings out the real version of  your vehicle. Meaning it's like the HD Effect to the car. When you look at our edits you get a glimpse of what it actually FEELS like to see that car for the first time in person. We create the desire which will lead the buyers to you! All you have to do is close the sale! 

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