Judah Israel Jensen

Why Ninja Shooter?

Why Ninja Shooter you ask? Well, you see! It's more then just a company. We are the creators of the memories of now. "As a kid I grew very poor. Unstable & without the knowledge of knowing who my biological family was. Feeling unloved & unwanted. My family consisted of my brother & mother. Unfortunately, when I was 13 years old she passed from breast cancer. The memory of my childhood are those in which consist of borrowing water from neighbors to take a cold shower because we couldn't afford water. Living in a homeless shelter because we had no where else's to go. To being publicly humiliated on the front newspaper; to be reminded as a child of how poor & sick my mother was. My childhood memories consist of only 6 pictures my whole life. I started Ninja Shooter, to help remember those special memories in a child's life and or an adult's or business. Ninja shooter is about cherishing these special moments on a daily basis. We capture the unforgettable priceless moments in your life and or business. Rather its photography, videography. We aim to change the world. Allowing others to get a glimpse of different perspectives in one's life and or business." - Judah Israel Jensen, Founder.

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